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Farm campsite Louhans Macon Bourg en Bresse Lons le Saunier

Camping opened from 23/04/2022 till 23/10/2022: Summer cottage and tent to hire – Pitches for tents, caravans & campervans – refreshment motorhomes – Free Wifi – Dogs allowed.

Farm campsite Louhans Macon Bourg en Bresse Lons le Saunier

Farm campsite Louhans Macon Bourg en Bresse Lons le Saunier

TerreFerme is a good starting point to explore the interesting regions of this part of France. Take your bike to make a trip in Bresse Bourguignonne (Burgundy), the region the campsite is in or put on your hiking shoes to discover the hillside you can see from TerreFerme: the Jura mountains.

Several churches, abbeys and castles are worth visiting. There is also the cascade of Baumes-les-Messieurs, the Abbey of Brou in Bourg-en-Bresse, the bird park in Villars-les-Dombes and the medieval town of Pérouges.

Of course, this is France and a nice glass of wine is never far away: visit the vineyards of Macon, Beaujolais and Bourgogne (Burgundy). But don’t forget the specific wines of Jura, “vin de paille” (straw wine) and the “vin jaune” (French for yellow wine).

Bresse Bourguignonne

Bresse Bourguignonne and Bresse de l’Ain (two different departments, two different names): gently sloping hills, not a spectacular but certainly a friendly scenery, where one can find forests and lakes, meadows and farming grounds.

On your trips you can see 500 white dots on a green tapestry of 1 hectare: the famous Poulet de Bresse (the Bresse poultry) is raised here, the only hen with an AOP (Appellation d’Origine Protégée). You’ll also spot the farmhouses made in the specific style of timber framing (German: Fachwerk) with clay, always pointing north to south to be sheltered from the most common winds. The woods here are mainly used to chop wood for the fireplaces and roe, deer and badgers have made it their natural habitat. The small lakes are natural drainage areas but are often used for fishing. You can take a look at the lake of Louvarel, a popular place to spend a warm day.

Monday morning… a must! The largest small cattle-market of France at Louhans. Mostly poultry (chicken, geese, ducks), but also rabbits, puppies and even goats. Then go for your lunch to the pub, the real dare devils try “tête de veau” (veal brawn).


A half an hour car trip to the west and you’ll be in the Maconnais, part of the Bourgogne and neighbour with the famous Beaujolais. Personnally, we love the white wines of the Maconnais, you can test it yourself when you buy a bottle of our house wine at the campsite. But it’s still a good idea to make a trip and explore this beautiful region.

Take a trip to the Beaujolais discovering their red wines and the impressive Roche Solutré.

Don’t forget to visit the prehistoric caves of Azé, Cluny and its famous abbey, but also the national stud (“haras”), Beaune en its magnificent Hôtel Dieu. Tournus with the Abbey of Saint-Philibert, and the beautiful village Brancion (take care, don’t confuse with the city in the Alps!) are also worth a visit.

More specific, more original (rarely exported): the wines of the Jura. Take the Route des Vins du Jura and admire the nice little villages.

The capital of the department Jura, Lons-le-Saunier, is worth visiting or shopping. When the weather is less beautiful, take your kids to “la maison de la Vache qui rit”, the modern, interactive museum from the famous melted cheese. North of Lons, still on the wine route, are Château-Chalon (very beautiful and with the best “vin the Paille, yellow wine), Poligny (capital of the Comté cheese with the “Maison du Comté”) and Arbois, where Louis Pasteur was born, are “places of interest”. And everywhere you go, beautiful nature is always around you.

Revermont, Jura

The department of Jura begins 10 km away from TerreFerme. You will undoubtedly go there for the supermarket. Do as Renske and charge not only your shopping bag but also hiking boots (and dog), combine necessity with pleasure!

Villages like Allonal, Nanc-les-Saint-Amour, Montagna-le-Reconduit and Balanod (waterfall!) are nice to walk through. Just hold the yellow hiking signs in the eye and you can’t get lost. Slightly further on and very beautiful hiking areas are the Reculée of Gizia, the village, abbey and waterfall (yes, 3-in-1!) of Baume Les Messieurs or the surroundings of the cave Caborne du Boeuf.

Two GR(long-distance)-routes pass Saint-Amour: GR 59 from north to south, and the GR 9 from west to east. Ask us for the itinerary booklets.

One time really tough? Who is not afraid of heights, can paraglide from the Mont Myon.

The first vineyards are located fifteen minutes away, look around at the lovely villages, take the Route des Vins du Jura.


Swimming pool Saint-Amour and Swimming lake of Louvarel:
(Saint-Amour 7,6 km – Champagnat 8,1 km)
Carré d’eau: Swimming pool in Bourg-en-Bresse:
(Bourg en Bresse 34,6 km)

Restaurants that we like
Restaurant Auberge du Grand Ronjon (Le Grand Ronjon 9,1 km)
Restaurant Le Saint Sauveur (Varennes St Sauveur 5 km)
Pizzeria Kebab Saint-Amour (Saint-Amour 7,6 km)

Touristic information
Office de tourisme du Pays de Saint-Amour
Bresse Bourguignonne

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